Flood Control / Hurricane Rep

Kleb Woods

Location: Houston Kleb Woods Stormwater Detention Basin Phase 2 ($6,555,813.15) This project was constructed for Harris County Precinct 2 and consisted of the development of Phase 2 of the Kleb Woods stormwater Detention Basin at the northwest corner of the Mueschke Road and future Holderrieth Road intersection. The construction included the provision of traffic control […]

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Langham Creek

Location: Houston HCWCID No. 159 Langham Creek Detention Basin Phase 2 ($13,639,775.70)   This project was part of a collaborative development between the HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) Frontier Program, HCWID (Harris County Water Improvement District) No. 159, and Bridgeland Development.  It was designed and constructed to provide stormwater detention and floodplain mitigation and

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Lauder Basin

Location: Houston HCFCD Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin Phase – 2 The Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin – Phase 1 HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) Unit P500-06-00- E005) project consisted of excavating a stormwater detention basin located west of the intersection of Lauder Road and John F. Kennedy Blvd. on the south bank of HCFCD Channel

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Bend County Levee

Location: Houston Ditch B & Ditch B-1 Improvements Project for Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 Scope of Work for this project includes the excavation and disposal of soils associated with the widening and deepening of Ditch B and Ditch B-1. Additional work items include implementing new pilot channel systems, installation of reinforced

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Hunting Bayou

Location: Houston HCFCD – H100-00-00-E005 – Hunting Bayou Federal Flood Risk Management Project, Channel Modifications Scope of work included clearing, grubbing, and excavating approximately 54,248 Cubic Yards of trash and debris with off-site disposal; excavating approximately 2,532 cubic yards of material with on-site disposal; construction of approximately 4,073 Square Feet (SF) of retaining walls (soil

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Exploration Green

Location: Houston CLCWA Exploration Green Detention Facility Phase 5 ($12,796,248.80) Exploration Green program was created for the primary purpose of stormwater retention and flood mitigation.  This was accomplished by retrofitting nearly 200 acres of a defunct golf course, which had become an eyesore for the local residents.  The CLCWA (Clear Lake City Water Authority) formed

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Conroe Dam Emergency Repairs

Location: Conroe, Texas Repair was critical to Lake Conroe dam due to Hurricane Rita and was extremely time sensitive due to risk of dam slope failure.We successfully moved and placed over 20,000 tons of Grade 1 limestone Rippap over 150 miles in 55 working days with zero incidents.Serco finished this emergency repair 45 days ahead

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