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Heavy Civil and Structural Construction Contractor

Serco Construction Group, LTD.

Serco Construction is a heavy civil construction contractor specializing in architectural and structural concrete solutions, mass and structural excavation, site grading, road work, and more. We have proven experience working closely with high-profile private and public clients and general contractors. Since 2003, the firm has been a trusted partner on various projects changing the face and look of construction projects for our clients. With a team of experienced civil construction, construction management, and safety experts, we have built a reputation for excellent safety, exceptional quality work, and on-time and within-budget results.

Over the past decade, Serco has successfully carried out more than 100 major projects, with a total value of over $250 million with the largest project alone amounting to $17 million.

We are an MBE/DBE and State of Texas HUB-certified company, fully insured and bondable.

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Our Mission

Serco Construction Group, Ltd. is dedicated to utilizing the expertise of our team members to deliver high quality, value-added commercial civil construction services on every project — on time and within budget.
We Believe

Our Values

Serco’s approaches each project with a sequenced time-logic schedule clearly demonstrating our plan to finish prior to the specified duration.


We conduct our business with honesty and fairness – not just in the letter of the law, but in the spirit of the law.


Serco’s commitment to Safety is total. We strive to provide our employees and trade contractors a safe, healthy and drug free work environment.

The only acceptable number of injuries or accidents is zero – and zero is always our goal. We have been awarded Certificates of Excellence in Employee and Public Safety by Bituminous Insurance.

Quality Control

Quality is always a high priority with Serco. High quality standards lead to less rework costs, higher client satisfaction, repeat business and client retention. With each project we adhere to a Quality Control Plan agreed to by our clients and covered with our team.

Credibility and Trust

You can count on Serco to deliver what we say we will deliver – on time, every time. Hard work, transparent business practices and continuous collaboration with our clients ensures Serco remains a trusted partner.

Diversity and Inclusion

Serco is a DBE/MBE and State of Texas HUB certified company. We value diversity of thought and cultures. It is the cornerstone that has built our company and keeps us creative and innovative in response to client needs.


Respect for the Environment - We are focused on being a good corporate citizen in the world – respecting the sustainability of our environment. Our commitment extends to participation in LEEDS and Green construction.

Making A Difference

Who We Are

We provide structured excellence built on performance. And… it’s our people who make the difference. Meet the leaders driving Serco:
Structural Construction

Dallas Team

Dr. Serge Francois

Dr. Serge Francois

Dr. Serge P. Francois is the CEO/President and co-founder of Serco Construction Group. He has over forty years of experience as a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine specializing in industrial injury, Sport Medicine, and Regenerative Medicine. He has amassed a strong record of achievement as an administrator, business leader, and entrepreneur. Francois combines his strong organizational development and human relations skills to maximize time, resources, and productivity in the construction industry.
Gary Conway

Gary Conaway, P.E.

Gary Conaway, Senior Vice President and co-founder of Serco Construction Group, has over 36 years of experience in heavy civil construction, operational management, project startup, contract management, and civil engineering. As a trained civil engineer, Conaway excels in project scheduling, estimating, field implementation, cost control, subcontractor management, and performance tracking. He has served as a consultant, contractor, and expert witness, delivering cost-effective solutions on construction projects.
mark z. smith

Mark Z. Smith

Mark, Business Consultant and Manager of Serco Machinery, has over 20 years of experience in technology, sales, and operations. He is an innovative thinker with a proven track record in aligning business and technology for successful implementation of strategies. Mark manages Serco Construction's team to deliver a seamless experience for valued clients. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, fishing, and watching sports.
lisa alexander

Lisa Alexander

As the Senior Accounting Manager, Lisa Alexander is a key part of the Serco Executive Team. She oversees the company's accounting operations and is exceptional at taking ownership for every aspect that goes into producing Serco’s financial reports, from cost-productivity and margins all the way down to expenditures. A degreed professional accountant she has over 38 years in total Management of Accounting and Office operations. She also manages HR employee operations and benefits.
jose sandoval

Jose Sandoval

Jose Sandoval is the Business Manager of Dallas Operations and has 17 years of experience in construction. He oversees DFW in P&L, business development, precon, estimating, and management. When he's not working, he likes to train and compete in Iron Man competitions. He is also studying Mandarin, German, and Quantum Mechanics.
bithiah i. gonzalez

Bithiah I. Gonzalez

Bithiah I. Gonzalez has 2 ½ years of experience as a Project Coordinator. Her expertise lies in leading cross-functional teams to deliver project objectives on time, within budget, and with a quality guarantee. Gonzalez is committed to managing projects successfully by utilizing her organizational, problem-solving, and timely management skills.

In her personal life, she is a wife and mother of 3. During her spare time, she is a luxury bridal pro, does volunteer work with her family, and enjoys reading about psychology.
courtney francois

Courtney Francois

Courtney Francois is a Project Administrator at Serco Construction Group with 6 years of experience assisting Serco Construction fulfill the needs and requirements for each project. With a broad set of skills, Courtney uses the knowledge she has gained to help ensure each project runs smoothly.
dionicio andrade

Dionicio Andrade

Dionicio “Nicho” Andrade is an accomplished Operations Manager with a strong and proven track record in the construction industry. For the past three years, he has been an integral part of Serco Construction, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing construction crews in the bustling Dallas area. With over two decades of experience in the construction field, Nicho brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and leadership to his role as Operations Manager.
michael justman

Michael Justman

Michael Justman embarked on his professional journey with notable internships and a role as a Project Engineer. He graduated from Texas Tech University with Honors College Civil Engineering. Beyond academics, he represented the Texas Iota Chapter as a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity member. Michael's passions lie off the professional grid in sports, being an ardent fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the Mavericks, and the thrilling world of Formula 1. He's also an avid golfer and relishes an excellent happy hour with friends.
Civil Construction

Houston Team

Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta

Shiv is the Business Manager of Houston Operations and Senior Project Manager at Serco with ten years of helping public works agencies construct and manage heavy-civil projects. Specializing in civil engineering, with his master's Degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Shiv uses that experience to manage heavy-civil projects throughout their life cycle. Besides building civil structures, he likes to try cooking new recipes and experimenting in his kitchen in his spare time.
Shandele D. Carpenter

Shandele D. Carpenter

Shandele Carpenter manages the Houston office's operations, coordinating bid packages, nurturing vendor relationships, and engaging with local government entities. With extensive experience in farm and ranch land management, she holds a degree in Agricultural Development from Texas A&M University and is on the Dean's Honor Roll. Shandele lives in Conroe, TX with her husband and son, and enjoys equestrian sports and competitive nature.
David Betancur

David Betancur

David Betancur is a Asst Project Manager at Serco with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and 9 years of professional international experience in multiple types of construction projects, specializing in construction management, virtual design software, estimates and Project control. David uses that experience to support Management team and Clients. Married and recently had a little one. David likes to cook, travel, computer gaming, and spend time with Family.
hector puente

Hector Puente

Hector Puente, Senior Operations Manager at Serco Construction, has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He specializes in public works agencies and heavy-civil projects, earning respect from peers and colleagues. His expertise in managing critical infrastructure and executing intricate structures has driven the company's growth and reputation for excellence. Hector enjoys cooking, fishing, and hunting, and his unwavering commitment to the construction industry has left an indelible mark on Serco Construction's legacy. His extensive knowledge, leadership prowess, and well-rounded interests drive the company's success while embracing life's joys beyond the construction site.
How We Work

Our Processes

Serco’s approaches each project with a sequenced time-logic schedule clearly demonstrating our plan to finish prior to the specified duration. Our process includes early interfacing with contractor/owner and design team, preconstruction planning and scheduling, a laser-focus on safety, contract administration, cost management and quality control.

Contractor/Owner & Design Team

We work along side the contractor/owner and design team, offering value-engineered alternatives to produce cost savings while maintaining the structural and architectural integrity required. Serco uses state-of-the-art technology Take-Off and Bid2Win professional estimating and budgeting of the project.

Pre-construction Planning

Time is money and design modifications are a critical part of most projects. Thus, Serco ensures thorough input, team buy-in and optimized scheduling in order to exceed client schedule expectations. Our planning and scheduling expertise clearly demonstrate our ability to manage and meet needed requirements.

Laser-focused Safety Commitment

Serco values safety and we will not sacrifice the safety of our team for production. All employees (subcontractors, suppliers, third parties and our own team) while on company-run projects and in the performance of their work are required to comply with all safety and health regulations established by OSHA and Serco. This includes specifically written work practices related to potential hazards per project. (Serco's commitment to safety has led to an exceptional safety rating, created lower insurance costs, established higher employee satisfaction, and built higher client confidence.)

Quality Control

As part of each project process, Serco develops a unique quality control plan defining details and quality responsibilities. High quality standards are a high priority.

Contract Administration

All contract administration is performed at the partnership level. Because of our relationship and experience in working with our bonding and insurance companies, we can quickly execute contract documents and keep the project on schedule.

Cost Control

Our cost control measures include the following elements:

  • Secure relationships with vendors and subcontractors ensure appropriate costs are included as defined in the project scope.
  • Payment terms are negotiated equal to those provided by Client, preventing unnecessary expectations and complaints by the subcontractors. (Serco has a history of paying all subcontractors and vendors in a fair and timely manner.)
  • Serco tracks all field costs internally and manages resources effectively.
  • By adhering to the scheduling, Serco saves unnecessary overhead and additional costs.

What Makes Us Unique

Our Differentiators

The construction industry is filled with companies who speak about quality, safety and excellence. For Serco Construction Group, these five major elements make us unique:
First and foremost, we hire great talent, skilled and trained in their chosen field. Our team members take pride in doing the job right the first time and do so in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. They understand our clients and partners and work closely to ensure all needs and expectations are met. Their experience in the civil construction industry ensures our clients receive the best solutions delivered on-time and within budget.
Our processes are geared to paying attention to the little things. Detail helps us adhere to schedules, have the right people doing the right thing at the right time, catch and suggest alternative solutions, meet difficult jobs head on and all within budget.
Because we value our team members, safety is an important imperative for our operations. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we insure we meet our goals and protect our workforce on every project. This includes our subcontractors and vendors who are onsite.
We know it is just as important to manage the budget as it is to complete the job. We are known to complete work on time and within budget. Our budget management process ensures there are no surprises at the end of the project.
Our reputation is built upon being credible. We value our emphasis on integrity and so do our clients. We operate throughout the process with integrity and ethics. This includes how we treat our vendors and subcontractors who are willing to team and work with us repeatedly on projects. We not only follow the letter of the law but believe and follow the spirit of the law.

Serco is committed to being a “good citizen”, meaning that we will work hard to create a positive image within the local community from the people we hire, the value and respect we hold for the locations we work on and our participation in community activities.

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