Langham Creek

Location: Houston

HCWCID No. 159 Langham Creek Detention Basin Phase 2 ($13,639,775.70)  

This project was part of a collaborative development between the HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) Frontier Program, HCWID (Harris County Water Improvement District) No. 159, and Bridgeland Development.  It was designed and constructed to provide stormwater detention and floodplain mitigation and to further the Langham Creek channel conveyance improvements. The Phase 2 development area was approximately 606 acres in size. The project area for this project was roughly bounded by Grand Parkway on the west, the Magellan pipeline corridor on the north, Fry Road on the east, and the future West Road on the south. Approximately 600,000 cubic yards of material were excavated from the HCFCD U500-02 basin and disposed of at three different properties with site preparation. Similarly, approx. 40,000 cubic yards of material was excavated & disposed of from Langham Creek near Grand Parkway and Tuckerton Road. The scope of work also included the installation of two stormwater-quality wetlands, multiple concrete control structures, concrete slope paving, and associated storm pipes.  Serco, the chosen contractor, demonstrated success in its competence and commitment to excellence by finishing on time and within budget, all while addressing client-requested design changes in the scope of work.

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