Exploration Green

Location: Houston

CLCWA Exploration Green Detention Facility Phase 5 ($12,796,248.80)

Exploration Green program was created for the primary purpose of stormwater retention and flood mitigation.  This was accomplished by retrofitting nearly 200 acres of a defunct golf course, which had become an eyesore for the local residents.  The CLCWA (Clear Lake City Water Authority) formed a Conservancy cubic yards to develop the site, which included changing open green space into a series of detention ponds and outfall control structures. The scope of work for this project included excavation of multiple detention ponds and back slope swales; grading outside the pond perimeters; installation of riprap at the upstream transition of the existing ditch into the proposed pond; installation of a clay liner; removal and disposal of all unnecessary excavation materials off-site at an approved disposal location; removal of existing storm sewer lines and existing storm sewer manholes; and the removal of existing portions of old waterlines per OSHA standards. Work also included the removal and rerouting of a 12-inch purple reclaimed water line; the installation of storm sewer manholes and junction boxes; the placement of 6-inch thick concrete access drive; and the preparation of seed bed in all areas to the normal water surface elevation including placement of native grass seed mix, wildflower mix, and cereal rye seed with additional hydro mulching and final site cleanup.  Serco successfully completed the project on schedule and within budget and the site has received multiple awards for creative development and construction.  See attached link provided by the CLCWA.  

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