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At Serco Construction, we are more than just a heavy civil construction contractor. We are the architects of tomorrow’s infrastructural landscape, crafting solidity from chaos. Our areas of expertise range from Architectural and Structural Concrete to Structural Excavation, navigating the intricacies of Storm Drainage, Industrial Projects, and Mass Excavation. We ensure your safety, meticulously designing flood control systems and providing timely hurricane repair. We’re about more than concrete and steel; we’re about resilience, reliability, and the drive to exceed expectations. At Serco Construction, we’re crafting a legacy of durability and design that will stand the test of time.
Texas Instruments Gas Plant
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Architectural Concrete

Driven by aesthetic appeal coupled with structural soundness, we exceed expectations in working with architectural concrete. When integral colors, difficult patterns, specialty finishes or formers are required, we tread where others are hesitant to travel. We welcome the challenge! See how we can turn your designs into reality.
Children's medical center tower
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Structural Concrete

Structural or elevated walls or cast-in-place structures are our specialty. Plus, we self-perform rebar and form installations. Our experienced team controls costs, meets schedules and ensures quality installations every time. Find out how we can help.
Structural Concrete ft worth police station
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Structural Excavation

Sometimes the excavation is just as important as the final build up. When precise excavation is needed for your building, Serco specializes in pier caps, grade beams, footings, pier spoils and subgrades. No job is too small. Give us a call.
Structural Excavation
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Storm Drainage

Our work on the Houston channels has helped make us experts in storm drainage control and repair. Find out how Serco can help you with your storm drainage solutions.
Storm Drainage
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Industrial Projects

Serco provides secure, safe solutions for various Industrial projects. Our work ensures adherence to data center and process plant security measures. In addition, manufacturing plants cannot afford production loss during times of construction. We understand the need to keep minimize construction delays processes on schedule in manufacturing plants.
Industrial Projects
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Mass Excavation

Each year we move tons of soil off-site during mass excavations. Skilled in schedule management, Serco’s efficient operations and trucking are the keys to keeping projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Playing in the dirt is our business. Give us a call. Need to get the lay of the land? Our site grading experts will ensure your site’s final appearance and run-off control for your site. We are proven experts in this area and understand the importance of the overall slope and final surface grading project. Let us know how we can help.
Mass Excavation
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Flood Control and Hurricane Repair

Serco has years of experience in the flood control industry. We are experts with channel management, detention pond excavation and grading, control structure installations, and efficient repairs to storm damaged areas. Call Serco to resolve your storm issues quickly, correctly and efficiently.
Flood Control and Hurricane Repair
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