Children’s Medical Center Tower

Serco was challenged to create a form-lined curvilinear wall with a randomly repeating pattern for this project. The goal was to create an aesthetically appealing pattern to the wall that integrated the future landscaping and to create a campus environment that was calming and engaging to the nature of a Children’s hospital.


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In addition to the wall, the project involved specialized planter boxes, a mediation garden, circus like canopies, waterfalls, and a purple bridge.
Serco solved the challenge by working closely with a specialty formliner company who designed the elastomeric form liner through their CAD programs which could be used in a randomly repeating pattern to create the specialized wall finishes.

This project also included construction of architectural concrete form-lined retaining walls, installation of cast-in-place planter boxes, and installation of architectural site paving specialized concrete mixes, sandblast finishes, and integral color.
This extremely difficult project was completed on schedule, under budget and Serco was featured in a magazine article regarding the build.

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