Structural Concrete

Sens Road Detention Basin

Location: Houston, TX This particular project involved excavation and offsite disposal of 91,319 CY of soils for storm water detention basin, construction of 12,488 SY of concrete channel slope paving, and 2 PZ-27 sheet piling drop structures. It also involved installing 769 CY of cast-in-place structural concrete E-80 rated boxes under an existing railroad line.

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SMU Shuttles Hall

Location: Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX Construction of 4 story structural concrete addition to SMU dormitory. Project required critical elevated forming of columns, beams and floors to tie into existing dormitory structure. Also included structural excavation under floor of 80-year-old dormitory to form and install structural basement and elevator room.

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Fort Worth Police Station

Location: District 6 in Fort Worth, TX The project required critical elevated pouring of structural floors and control of floor deflection. Serco was asked to help build a police station that was on an elevated metal pan on deck. We coordinated with the metal fabricator and made sure that the steel was installed. As soon

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Exall Lake

Location: Dallas, TX Exall Lake was a very unique project that involved an extremely complex granite clad retaining wall. The challenge was to be able to get a drill rig into Exall Lake which was approximately 80-100 years old in a very old and prestigious part of Dallas. The client asked us to install a

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Bruce Hall

Location: University of North Texas The project had to be constructed under the ground water elevation. There was a major concern about water back flowing into the existing building. Serco solved this challenge by installing the piers in the sump pits and kept it dry. The project had to be done when school was out

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Parkland Hospital

Serco was tasked with deep foundation scope. The piers were 100 feet deep and required 100% casing. The challenges of dealing with the deep foundations included hauling off pier spoils and the placing of 12 inches across the entire site to ensure the access of the drilling rig, concrete trucks and haul trucks. Serco finished

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