C-106 Conveyance

This project included construction of almost 1 mile of concrete channel slope paving and installation of 12’ x 12’ of pre-cast reinforced concrete boxes. The project also required critical control around multiple existing buried pipelines.

The challenge was to rebuild an old drainage Channel using a concrete rectangular structure and maintaining the flow line as the job was in progress.
The big issue was tying in the final Channel. We had to cross a six-lane collector road with only 7 day available to cross it. It that time we also had to put the boxes, backfill I the road and restore it to its previous condition.

Our solution to the challenge was to provide very detailed planning to stage of all materials on site before the road was cut, strong traffic control working with City of Houston for off-duty police officers and help flag the traffic and basically working twenty-four hours a day to get it installed. We finished the project ahead of schedule.

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