Why Choose Serco?

Serco Construction Qualifications

Serco Construction Group, Ltd.   Serco is a DBE/MBE and HUB certified firm that self performs a wide range of heavy civil construction projects including mass and structural excavation, site grading, road work, rail work, specialty architectural hardscape, structural concrete, site paving, and architectural concrete site walls. We have also completed over $80 million dollars in projects and our staff has over fifty years of combined experience in civil construction, construction management, and construction safety.  We are fully insured and bondable.

Interface with Contractor, Owner and Design Team

Serco appreciates the opportunity to work side by side with Client, the Owner, and the design team as a contributing contractor on the project. Serco uses state of the art technology for take off and estimating of our projects, and will provide professional and timely budgeting.

As such, we can offer value-engineering alternatives to construction that will result in cost savings to the Owner while maintaining the structural and architectural integrity required.


Serco has proven experience working closely with high profile Private and Public Clients and General Contractors.  Design modifications are critical to effectively constructing a project; and therefore input, team buy-in, and cost effective estimating are equally critical.  Serco utilizes On-Screen Take-Off and Bid2Win Estimating for all our projects and will provide state-of-the-art and timely budgeting of Serco’s progress for the project team.

Time is money for the entire project team, therefore accurate and optimum scheduling of work activities is critical.  Serco utilizes true logic scheduling programs to effectively manage and exceed client schedule expectations.

Serco’s approach to this project will present a sequenced time logic schedule upon contract award, clearly demonstrating our plan to finish prior to the specified duration.


Serco’s commitment to Safety is total. We were recently awarded Certificates of Excellence in Employee and Public Safety by Bituminous Insurance.  Our Project Managers, Superintendents, and work force have the primary responsibility to effectively build each project, and to provide our employees and the employees of our trade contractors with a safe, healthy and drug free work environment. The only acceptable number of injuries or accidents is zero – and zero is always our goal.

SERCO views safety as a “value” and we will not sacrifice the safety of people for production.

Employees of Subcontractors, Suppliers, and other third parties, while on company property and in the performance of their work, shall comply with all safety and health regulations established by OSHA and Serco. All contractors on site are required to comply with Serco’s written site- specific safety program, which will be written specific to the potential hazards of this project and will outline safe work practices for all site employees.

Serco’s commitment to safety has led to an exceptional safety rating which has created lower insurance costs for Serco and our clients, higher employee satisfaction, and higher client confidence.  Our 2013 EMR is 0.87.


Quality is always a high priority with Serco. High quality standards lead to higher client satisfaction, repeat business, client retention, and less rework costs.  Serco will develop a Quality Control Plan defining details of quality responsibility as shown below.

Contract Administration

All contract administration and quality assurance are performed at the partnership level.  Serco has prior authority with their bonding and insurance companies to rapidly execute the contract documents.  We propose to fully execute the documents within the specified time frames to meet the project goals.

Cost Control

Serco will control costs for the project in the following manner:

  1. We quickly familiarize ourselves with the specific project site and project requirements. We have secured relationships with qualified vendors and subcontractors in order to make sure that they have included the costs as defined in the project scope.
  2. Serco will manage all costs related to the vendors and subcontractors and handle all disagreements at our level. Payment terms will be negotiated to be equal to those provided by Client, preventing unnecessary expectations and complaints by the subcontractors.  We have proven with past performance that Serco will manage and pay all subcontractors and vendors in a fair and timely manner thereby preventing unnecessary problems for the Owner.
  1. Serco will track all field costs internally and manage our resources effectively.
  1. Serco always intends to beat the proposed schedule which will not only save us overhead; it will also save the project team additional costs through reduced time managing Serco.
  1. In addition, Serco is committed to being a “good citizen”, meaning that we will work hard to create a positive perception with the local community.


Serco has been working on several LEED projects over the last several years including but not limited to:

  • TI Water Fabrication Plant, Richardson, TX
  • UTSW Medical Center, Dallas, TX
  • 1900 McKinney, Dallas, TX


Serco Construction Group is a fully certified (State and Regional) Minority Business Enterprise.

Serco Construction Group is also a fully certified State of Texas HUB contractor and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).